ACEM offers collective representation for Consulting Engineers in Malawi, access to competitive professional indemnity insurance and the FIDIC range of documents and training.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

It is important to select reliable companies and experienced brokers able to advise on risk related issues on a day-to-day basis when purchasing Professional Indemnity Insurance. ACEM researches, selects and recommends suitable brokers for Professional Indemnity Insurance and suggests the minimum levels of cover relating to services offered. The association requires that all members provide proof of holding Professional Indemnity Insurance at least once per year.

FIDIC Documents

Members have access to the FIDIC suite of documents. Over the years FIDIC has produced standard forms of contract for the construction and engineering industry. Due to the years of experience in this arena, FIDIC contracts are the foremost contracts used in international construction and have been endorsed by most international funders such as the World Bank.

FIDIC Training

ACEM has access to FIDIC Accredited Trainers who are authorised by FIDIC to hold training seminars, courses and workshops. They are experienced consultants, who know the FIDIC Contracts and FIDIC Business Practices and their application to international or national projects. As accredited trainers, they are informed on a regular basis of new developments in FIDIC.

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